Sunday, January 18, 2009

Brylee - 3 months old

Yes, I am a bit behind in my postings. Brylee is now 5 months old - but for the sake of chronological scrapbooking, I will post this before the other two updates.

Happy 3 months sweet girl! You surprised us this month with the arrival of your first TWO teeth!!! I am so sorry I didn't recognize that you were teething. I didn't help ease any of your discomfort...ouch!

You continue to flash smiles our way anytime we smile at you! Ty seems to get the biggest smiles from you...and rightfully so. He is always entertaining you!

You weigh 10 lbs 9 oz...and are 24 inches long. Long & lean! People are shocked by your teeth and long hair! We love you baby girl!


Karen and Shane said...

Brylee is getting so big! So cute! I love that smile!

Im so sorry about Bailey. I can't imagine. :( I'll pray sweet comfort for yall!

melanie said...

I have meant to tell you this, but putting the blocks beside Brylee spelling out how old she is... absolutely adorable. She is absolutely adorable too. We loved getting to meet her!