Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Recipe #2

You can never be reminded enough of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection.

Empty tomb rolls

1 can crescent rolls
half a stick of melted butter
cinnamon and sugar mixed to your liking
a bag of large marshmallows

This one is easy enough to let the kids help!

Preheat oven to temp on the crescent roll can. Dip one marshmallow in the butter and then into the sugar cinnamon mixture. Then take a triangle of the crescent roll dough and roll up the marshmallow inside. Be sure to seal all the edges really well or your cookie sheet could get very messy. Place on cookie sheet and continue until all the crescent rolls are gone. Be sure to check them one more time before baking to make sure all the edges are sealed well. Bake like the directions say to on the crescent roll can.

When you bite into the is empty. The marshmallow has melted and left a sweet yumminess all around the inside edges of the roll.

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